Hints and Tips

  • To disinfect a smelly dishwasher, put a small bowl of vinegar on the bottom rack and run through on an empty cycle.
  • Leave a roll of new bin liners at the bottom of the bin. When you remove the full bag of rubbish there’s a new bin liner already waiting to be fitted.
  • Run a lint roller over the inside and outside of a lampshade to lift dust
  • To clean your microwave, fill a Pyrex dish with 3/4 warm water and half a lemon. Heat in the micro for 3 to 4 minutes. It steam cleans and leaves a fresh smell.
  • To clean glass flower vases put a denture cleaning tablet (e.g. Steradent) fill with water and leave overnight. In the morning the glass will be sparkling clean.
  • Rather than using a feather duster that just stirs the dust up into the air, use a damp cleaning cloth to wipe over dusty areas and ‘capture’ the dust first.
  • To dust in awkward areas, put a sock over your hand and glide it over.
  • Baby-wipes are an excellent way of cleaning leather sofa’s and much cheaper than the expensive leather cleaning products.
  • Use a bowl of vinegar left on the side to absorb smoke odour. This trick works for most foul smells, including litter trays (although be careful that your cat doesn’t try to drink it or knock it over).
  • Bicarbonate of soda is a great carpet deodoriser. Just sprinkle all over and vacuum as normal.
  • Freshen up household plants and remove unwanted dust by placing them outside in light, warm rain.

Latest News

All equipment now PAT tested

To ensure we offer the highest health and safety levels all of our electrical equipment has been PAT tested to confirm all our equipment is safe to use and meets current electrical safety levels. Click on the link to view the certificate Careful Care Cleaning July 2017  

Helen Tracey

 'Many thanks for the thorough job on both the carpets and oven. Never seen the oven so sparkly!'

Helen - Devizes

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