Terms & Conditions

We do not issue a contract for you to sign as we trust that our service will stand on its own and you will continue to use us for as long as you require a cleaning service.
However, there are some areas which require understanding for a suitable working relationship between us and our customers. We do require that you read and agree to these terms.

1. Pricing
All prices quoted are inclusive of equipment, materials, travel and VAT. Existing customers will be given 15 days notice of any changes.

2. Payment
Payment is to be made on the day of the clean. If not at home, customers are requested to leave payment in a prominent place. However, if no payment is left or we cannot gain access to the property, we will assume that the customer does not require our service on this occasion, and had forgotten to call the office to notify us. We normally require a minimum of two working days notice of a cancellation of our service, otherwise we would need to charge an ‘attempt to service’ fee to cover wage and transportation costs.

3. Cancellation of a regular clean
Two-working days notice of a cancellation is required. Cleaning that is cancelled with less than one working day’s notice will be charged at 50% of the regular price.

4. Cancellation of ‘One-off’ Cleans
Two working days notice of a cancellation is required. Cleans cancelled with less than two working days notice will be charged at 25% of the quoted price. Cleans cancelled with less than one working days notice will be charged at 50% of the quoted price.

5. Complaints
If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the quality of the service you receive please contact us, preferably within 24 hours, but no later than 48 hours, to discuss the matter. We will ensure that any concerns or complaints are resolved quickly and amicably.

6. Compensation
Careful Care Cleaners in Devizes is fully insured and in the event of any damage to your property by our staff we shall replace or repair any item up to its fair value, taking into account its age and condition. We are not in any event liable for any consequential loss or loss of profit/income. Any claim for compensation should be made within five days of the damage occurring.

7. Equal Opportunities
We are an Equal Opportunities Employer and select and employ our cleaning staff on the basis of their ability to do the work required.

8. Health and Safety / Working Conditions

Our staff are not insured to tackle any job which could be deemed unsafe. Unless part of our property or garden maintenance service, working outside or climbing on furniture is not something we undertake. Reaching high areas on ‘fit for purpose’ steps or stools is permissible. We retain the right to withdraw from unsafe or dangerous to health environments.
Should we encounter a situation where we believe there is a health hazard or unacceptable situation, i.e. blood, vomit etc., we will withdraw from the property leaving a note as to why we have not been able to complete the job. We respect our clients and would like our clients to respect our cleaning staff.
If the work booked cannot be re-scheduled after the hazard has been rectified, then we will need to charge the customer a minimum 50% of the cost of the original agreed cleaning fee.

Should you have any queries on the above please contact us

Please click here to download a copy of these terms and conditions and sign ready for us to collect on our first visit.

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